Saturday, June 28, 2014

hunkering down

not really cold yet but windy, rainy, wild days and nights. 

how nothing whatsoever broke after this accident (below) during last night's extraordinary winds i don't know, but very grateful - those gates fell onto a blown over child's chair which kept them above my newly purchased plants and mosaic pots in progress ...

what you don't see here is that new very large window (for the studio) had fallen onto the heavy table - the largest part of glass was leaning against the table - and not a scratch on it !!!  you see it now safely wedged between the wall and table because i ran out in bare feet and pjs in the rain to upright it.   so happy the universe was kind in all that chaos last night.


  1. OMG! you really had luck! Hopefully the weather gets better soon!

  2. always lovely to hear from you MT .... oh yes, well weather does, doesnt it? ....


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