Monday, June 30, 2014

Nokia phone camera

Playing with my new camera phone - thanks Jon & Cherie ! ... On sound advice, instead of updating my canon G11 which does a fabulous job I decided on the Nokia Lumia 1520 - i got it for the camera lens and wide angle photos it produces.  luverly.


  1. Hey Gina! I'm really curious about your new Nokia and interested to hear how it measures up the Canon G11...which is what I have. I'm so used to having the variable viewfinder that allows taking photos at all angles so it's hard to imagine not having that capability.

    Love the progress on your new studio and am totally jealous of a studio outside the house. My studio is one of the bedrooms - next to largest, but still there's just no getting around that it's a bedroom-turned-studio.


    1. aaargh ..big reply to you Jennifer ... lost ... out there ~!

      so nice to hear from you .... am playing with nokia as you may see in postings ... i am thinking it will be adjunct to G11 which i am still using ... posts will show which pics are which.

      studio .... yes its fabulous . ... not yet there but getting there ... soooooo long ... i have decided i have GREAT long term patience but nada (zip, none) short term .... a conundrum really ... a paradigm ... i too started in bedroom years ago, first in a small corner of my own bedroom, then the spare bedroom and later took over the outdoor porch area ... totally unsustainable let alone dust and wind and rain issues .... :)

      i know you know what i am talking about .... soooooo i am hanging out for this new space .... my family think i wont fit everything in (coz i have been colleciting stuff and ideas in preparation) ... that is so dangerous !


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